Unconditional Love for Helpers

This week we are talking about Enneagram 2 - The Helpers. They are motivated by their need to be loved and valued and to express their positive feelings toward others. 
Once we figure out our type, it’s important to be self-aware of our actions and underlying motivations. Each personality type has a “healthy” and “unhealthy” side. By being aware of “unhealthy” tendencies we can grow into our healthy and best self. 
The Helper — here are some things to be aware of:

  • The sin of pride comes into play in the way 2’s believe other people are more needy than they are and that know what others require.
  • The help 2’s provide others may come with strings attached (manipulative) - they want something in return: love, appreciation, attention, and the unspoken promise of future emotional and material support.
  • May focus on other needs in order to avoid acknowledging their own needs.

The solution: Be aware and repeat this affirmation: I love others AND myself unconditionally!  
Pull out your Rose Essential Oil: it will be your best friend - it will fill your heart! 
Lets go of negative emotions:

  • constricted feelings
  • closed heart
  • disconnected 

Helps to feel:

  • compassionate
  • loved
  • healed
  • tender-hearted
  • accepted
  • empathy

The key is to remember - I do not have to give to be loved!!