More Grace for the "Perfectionist"

Yesterday I talked about #enneagram1 and how we strive to be good and are rule followers. We also have very high expectations of ourselves and others. 
Once we figure out our type, it’s important to be self-aware of our actions and underlying motivations. Each personality type has a “healthy” and “unhealthy” side. By being aware of “unhealthy” tendencies we can grow into our healthy and best self. 

The Perfectionist/Reformer — here are some things to be aware of:

  • Being a rule follower can cause us to become angry and judgmental when we see others who aren’t following the rules.
  • We can be too hard on ourselves and others when our high expectations aren’t met.
  • We can become overly critical and focus on imperfections and resort to micromanaging to feel in control. 

The solution - Be aware and repeat this affirmation: I accept that no one is perfect and I can mistakes sometimes too! 
Pull out your Forgive Essential Oil Blend: it will be your best friend - it will set you free! 💗
It helps with:

Lets go of negative emotions:

  • critical
  • judgmental
  • resentful
  • cynical
  • bitter
  • blaming
  • anger

Helps to feel:

  • forgiving
  • light
  • free
  • loving
  • understanding
  • tolerant

The key is to extend more Grace - to ourselves and others!!