Enneagram What??

Hi guys! If we haven’t met, my name is Brooke and I am perfectly imperfect! Man, it feels good to say that. Perfection is something that I’ve chased for the majority of my life. I know it sounds ridiculous, yet for some reason I thought I was unique and if I worked/tried hard enough, I could live up to the expectation of perfection. It wasn’t until the last few years — a lot of personal development and bible study did I concede — I am a sinner, I am flawed, BUT I am worthy regardless of my mistakes! On the journey of self-Discovery I was introduced to the Enneagram. As a Personal Development junkie, I jumped at the chance to take the test. The results: #1 Perfectionist/Reformer. Here are a few things I learned about myself:

  • Motivation: As a 1, I am motivated by the need to live my life the right way, which includes improving myself and the world around me. We are rule followers.
  • Core Sin: Anger - 1’s tend to process anger internally and respond from the “gut” (instinctually) For me - I have to be aware because the anger can manifest in my body
  • Fear: 1’s are afraid that someone will treat them the way they treat themselves (high expectations) — Grace has become my best friend — for myself/others 
  • Gifts: We are ethical, reliable, fair, self-disciplined, wise, and productive. I would like to add fun...as long as we are playing by the rules. 

There is so much more information that goes into each personality but I wanted to do a short introduction and encourage you to take test. You can find free tests online. The Enneagram has been an amazing tool that I can utilize in my marriage (we are both 1’s), my work relationships, parenting and my friendships! If we can learn to understand what motivates others behavior, we can better love and accept them.  My Enneagram journey wouldn’t be complete without adding in my passion - Essential Oils! Now that I’m aware of my thought patterns, motivations and fears, I can use my essential oils to support my emotions and grow into the person I was designed to be. 

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