Organic Weed Spray with Essential Oils

Weeds can be a real pain when you are trying to create a backyard oasis to relax and enjoy.  There are plenty of brand name weed control products on the market but they contain some very serious and harsh chemicals such as herbicide glyphosate which is produced by the Monsanto Company {don’t get me started :)}

I was happy to discover that there was an organic alternative to the ones containing chemicals at the store.  This organic weed spray contains 3 all natural ingredients and rids your beautiful lawn and flower bed of weeds just the same.



What you will need for your own organic weed spray:

1 gallon of vinegar

2 cups of epsom salt

1/4 cup dish soap

1 large spray bottle for gardens and lawns.

Mix and spray as needed.

Insects and animals getting in your garden?

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