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Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds found in the seeds, flowers, bark, rind and leaves of plants, extracted and distilled for health benefits.

Essential Oils are natural, effective and safe. Essential Oils work with the body to address issues and root causes on a cellular level, rather than treating symptoms. Essential Oils contain hundreds of different compounds which provide complex & versatile ability to combat threats without building up resistance. Essential Oils can be safe but you should ALWAYS use a brand that is of the highest quality and therapeutic grade.

There are three (3) ways you can use essential oils: 

1) Aromatic: You can breathe in {placing a drop of essential oil in your hands, rub them together, cup hands around the mouth and inhale} or use a diffuser. This method can clean the air, open airways and affect moods.

2) Topical: Apply to bottoms of feet or affected {dilute with a carrier oil for sensitive skin}, this method allows for direct relief and support for specific needs.

3) Internal: Drop in water, under the tongue, or into a gel capsule {MOST essential brands are NOT labeled as safe to ingest – make sure you are using a brand that has certified their essential oils as safe for ingesting},  this method supports mouth, throat, digestive, & overall health.



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dōTERRA offers a variety of starter kits to meet your specific needs and budget. Here are a few of the most popular kits

Family Essentials Kit  $150.00

Family Essentials Kit


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This is the perfect "budget friendly" starter kit! It comes with 10 of the most popular essential oils and two beadlets to help you get started on your wellness journey.  

Home Essentials Kit  $275.00

Home Essentials Kit


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A perfect addition to every home, the Home Essentials Kit supports a healthy and uplifting family environment. This kit also comes with the 10 most common essential oils, however, these bottles are three times the size!

Natural Solutions Kit  $550.00

Natural Solutions Kit


Starter Kit 3

Experience the power of doTERRA essential oils and products through the Natural Solutions Enrollment Kit. This kit is a perfect companion to assist with healthy living goals and to help boost vitality.  

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