OK you guys! I have lost my mind for the Enneagram. If you are new to the Enneagram – it’s a simple personality test that can have a drastic impact on your well-being {mental, physical, emotional and spiritual} After taking the test and receiving my results, I was blown away by the report. First, it was dead on. Second, I was pretty convicted reading some of the “less-than” traits I may possess at times where I am not living my best. Thirdly, I loved the self-discovery!

Naturally after doing some research, I decided to incorporate my first love, essential oils into my new found journey! Discovering who I am at my very core, what my underlying motivations are, and what drives me is pretty empowering. Having all of the self-knowledge, I was able to pair essential oils to different emotions we may experience based on our Enneagram number.

Why Enneagram and Essential oils? 

  • Essential oils promote healthy emotions and can be used in conjunction with specific personality types to support and transform.

  • Essential oils are versatile and can be utilized for a variety of emotions.

  • The Enneagram was designed to help us discover our gifts, so that we can use them resourcefully, and to help us identify when we are not using them resourcefully, so we can get up and move forward.

Where can I take the Enneagram test?

  • I downloaded an app called Rheti

  • You can also go HERE to take the test and get a full report


Which Essential Oils compliment your Enneagram Number?

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