Life is to be enjoyed, not endured. 

I firmly believe we all hold a special purpose, gifts unique to us, and a light that only we can shine. We were created to shine and illuminate the World. But to do so, we first have to find our light. For some this easy, for other’s it isn’t. I am the latter…I believed my hard work and good efforts would bring me joy. I was rushing through life, time was passing in the blink of an eye and my light felt dim. In the midst of all of this my body was hurting, physically and later emotionally. I suffered from hormone imbalances, adrenal fatigue, headaches, chronic inflammation and more.

It wasn’t until I slowed down, changed my diet, my lifestyle and my priorities did I begin to feel better. I was finally able to show up for others, with intention. Learning that life is to be enjoyed, not endured is one of my best and on-going lessons. I have deeper relationships, purpose in my day to day activities, contentment and fulfillment. None of this would be possible if I hadn’t made my health a priority first.


Brooke’s Tips for Life Balance:

  • God first (every day)

  • Assess your health (physically, mentally and emotionally

  • Take inventory of your Calendar - is it manageable, overextended, or do you lack a system

  • Make 1 small goal for your health (supplements, diet, water, exercise)

  • After you meet your goal - make another and continue

  • Schedule dates, with friends and spouse (put them in your Calendar)

  • Schedule Personal Care (bath, book, exercise, mani/pedi)

  • Journal/Gratitude List

  • Say “no”, if not a priority

How I improved my health…


Take a break from stress to become more blessed.

I want to help you find more Joy and decrease feelings of stress, sadness, frustration, resentment, etc. We have a tendency to put everyone else before ourselves, which often leaves us depleted, drained and discontented. It’s time to change the script!