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Welcome Friend! 

My name is Brooke, also known as Hippie Lawyer Mom by those in my oil tribe! The nickname was meant as a joke by my aunt. She was laughing one day while we were chatting about making homemade deodorant. She said, "you are kind of like a hippie, you are a lawyer and a mom - Hippie Lawyer Mom." She was absolutely right! 

I am married to my best friend. I am a mom to two incredibly lovable kiddos, one daughter and one son. I am a lawyer by trade and a hippie by passion. I enjoy getting lost in a good book and rotate between faith based, legal fiction and personal development (I am PD junkie.). Aside from chauffeuring my kiddos around, I like to spend time with my girlfriends, chatting up life and our latest Pinterest projects. I am also a baker at heart. As a family we enjoy crafting, traveling, board games, cooking, and camping. 

I depend on my faith and lattes to get me through. I am learning to let go of my "perfectionist" tendencies and live each day in the moment. 

The last five years have been a journey of health, self-growth, and unexpected adventure.

My Journey

In all honesty, I was not the most health-conscious person. When my husband met me 17 years ago, I started my work days with a candy bar and soda. It wasn't until I had my daughter that I began to look at life through a different lens. Isn't it interesting how we can disregard our own needs but when it comes to our kids, we make all the changes?

From the moment she was born, we had struggled. She was allergic to dairy and sensitive to a variety of foods. I ended up making all of her baby food for the first six months, until I found an organic baby food company (not as many as we have today). For the first five years of her life, we were in and out of the doctor's office and urgent care. The local pharmacy became our second home. We finally got to a point where I was fed up with the revolving door of medications and doctor visits. I began researching long-term side effects for the medications she had been taking and was blown away. I resolved to find a better and healthier way for her to thrive. Against her Pediatricians advice, I had her evaluated by a couple of specialists. She was ultimately diagnosed with something completely different than what she had received treatment for. I insisted on further testing which revealed a bunch of food sensitivities and allergies. Which is not surprising, due to her compromised immune system from the years of medications. Once I was able to narrow down her health issues, I was able to begin working on a plan for her overall wellness. This plan included a restricted diet to allow her gut the opportunity to heal, supplements and essential oils. This is where essential oils and dōTERRA entered our life! In the last four and a half years of using dōTERRA essential oils and supplements, my daughter has only visited the doctor three times! Moreover, we were able to eliminate all of her daily medications! Amazing right?! 

Sharing health and wellness has become a passion of mine - empowering families around the World! 



Client Reviews

I remember the first day I learned about dōTERRA essential oils through Brooke. That day changed my life for the better. I have used oils for decades but never had the knowledge or guidance until I met Brooke. I was instantly “sold” on dōTERRA without Brooke trying to sell anything. She’s an educator, motivator and believer in living life better through natural remedies. I have been using the essential oils for two years and I couldn’t’ be happier. The support Brooke provides and leadership is second to none.
— Michelanne Hrubic
Brooke and the HLM Community have been life changers for me. From meeting Brooke at my first essential oil class, I immediately felt comfortable. To be honest, I had no intention of purchasing any essential oils. Then Brooke introduced me to a blend to help with my anxious feelings. That one drop of oil changed my life. The HLM team has been so very supportive, helpful, encouraging and knowledgeable. My life has been blessed and enriched due to dōTERRA, Brooke and the HLM Community.
— Lynn Montrie